Tube Magnet similar to rod magnet is used mainly for attracting nuts, washer and especially the broken parts from intricate spaces, which are otherwise hard to reach. It’ll save valuable time and prevent any injury because of the broken piece. Aanal Magnetic Industries, being one of the top-tier Tube Magnet Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has customized magnets available for varied applications in customized options.

Top Reasons To Choose Tube Magnets:

  • Very helpful in catching broken iron pieces from hard to reach areas
  • Pipeline System Tube Magnet works well from a relatively large distance
  • Have a very low and almost nil maintenance need
  • Ideal tool for assembly slops, garages and maintenance jobs
  • Different sizes, thickness, and other customizations available
  • Tube Magnet Separator can prevent against corrosion damages

Why Tube Magnets?

Tube Magnet is mainly defined as a hollow cylinder with an outer diameter, smaller than its length. It is used in different industries because of their versatility and many other reasons like:

  • Food and beverage industry use this as separators and filter against contaminated ferrous materials.
  • However, motor industries use these tube magnets to produce 2-pole motors.

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