Magnetic Separation is the process of separating components by using magnets to attract magnetic materials. A large diversity of mechanicals used for the purpose and Magnetic Separator is one of them. It consists of a lower belt, an upper belt, a vibratory feeder, and a magnet assembly, etc. If you think that this separator fits your requirements, Aanal Magnetic Industries – one of the preeminent Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has wide solutions available for you to choose from.

Merits Of Our Magnetic Separator:

  • Best to remove impurities like stones, dust, metals and more from the material.
  • Use mainly to remove impurities from spices, ginger, turmeric, coriander seasoning etc.
  • It is designed to boost efficiency and provide clean products.
  • Moreover, it offers high-production output as compared to all other separators.
  • It has a high-intensity magnetic field to guarantee efficient separation process.
  • Can be operated easily under extremely high pressures.
  • These are highly versatile and can be used for magnetic minerals.
  • Very simple to operate and maintain for years and years.

Types Of Magnetic Separators That We Offer:

  • Overband Magnetic Separator
  • Roller Type Magnetic Separator
  • Single Roller Type Magnetic Separator
  • Double Roller Type Magnetic Separator
  • Triple Roller Type Magnetic Separator
  • Four Roller Type Magnetic Separator
  • Wet Magnetic Separator
  • Inline Drum Type Magnetic Separator
  • Hump Magnetic Separator, etc.

It is, therefore, considered the best material for separation. If you want to make the purchase, contact – one of the leading Overband Magnetic Separator Exporters and Suppliers in India. Pick your phone and place your order with us now.

Searching For One Of The Best Magnetic Separator Manufacturers?

Well, if yes, as one of the leading Magnetic Separator Manufacturers, we are here to offer the best Magnetic Separators at competitive market prices. We understand their demand is increasing with time and promise to bring the most advanced solutions accordingly. Their ability to remove all the impurities from spices and seasoning has given the rise to the productivity of several industries. Fill the enquiry form to share all your requirements.

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